Es File Manager

Es File Manager is an interesting utility for managing content (files and applications) within the unit.


Es File Manager: description
Es File Manager as well as being a file manager as you can guess from the name is also a task manager, client data storage in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box set, SugarSync, Yandex, Amazon S3).

It ‘also an FTP client and samba that allows you to export images, audio, video, documents and many other types of files within your phone. Android also allows users anywhere they are, to manage resources in a free files on the device and possibly sharing.


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Es File Manager: features

Es File Manager allows you to manage files on your Android device, but beyond that has multiple functions:

  • File Management on Sd card or phone memory (delete, rename, copy-paste, cut, create, send / share, hide, links, bookmarks) in both the phone and the PC.
  • Application management (install, uninstall, backup, categories, links)
  • Compression and decompression of ZIP files, unpacking RAR files, creating encrypted ZIP files.
  • Remote management of files on your phone or computer after enabling the appropriate settings
  • Support Dropbox, Google Drive, Box set, SugarSync, Yandex, Amazon S3
  • File Bluetooth
  • Function manager Root (advanced file management tool for users with permission Root unlocked)
  • Process Manager: Widgets to close with a touch active processes, management of a list to ignore some applications you do not want to close, it is also an advanced process manager that allows the arrest of running applications to free up memory (need to install ES system Monitor to use this feature).




Es File Manager is a free file manager for Android with several features alternative, is a great alternative to the stock manager files pre-installed on your device thanks to its many additional functions of manager of business and client data storage in the cloud.

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