Fifa 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the familiar game of football, having won numerous successes on console arrives on Android devices.





Fifa 15 Ultimate Team: description

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a game of football, optimized to make more truthful possible action football.

Includes over 10,000 real players and over 500 licensed teams, and allows you to visit more than 30 stages in the reality including: Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga and Premier League.

Lets you create the team of your dreams, through purchases in the app and can challenge their friends through games with spectacular graphics and a realization of the first level, this game is in fact characterized by a cutting-edge graphics and movements of real players quite similar to reality.



Fifa 15 Ultimate Team: features

Fifa 15 is an excellent football simulator that benefits from full customization of the rose and the elements of it as the selection of uniforms, stadiums and the coaching staff. We see its features in more detail:

  • creating your own team, receive, exchange and collect the star players of the major leagues around the world to create their own team based on the needs of the game
  • change modules and customizing uniforms, stadiums, technical staff, and more
  • option game fast simulation, which enables greater simulation in the management of their team, seeing her play in the third person following the course of the match, making changes technical / tactical and controlling the physical condition of the players
  • various control possibilities, thanks to the classic commands (for beginners) and advanced ones, which allow a gaming experience to 360 °.
  • plays the next game of your favorite team, plus another 3 highlight match scheduled during the week around the world.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the football game for excellence, thanks to the varied possibilities of management and customization of the rose with the transfer market in real time and from a graphic console

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