Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier is an arcade game trials, explore the bike paths and diverse landscapes with great graphics and 250 missions.
With several game modes includes 10 locations with over 50 hours of gameplay.

trials frontier3 Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier description:

Trials Frontier offers a very balanced gameplay, during the game we are given missions, the more you make progress and the game becomes more difficult without bore you with impossible levels.

unnamed3 300x187 Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier offers various bike rides and fun along the way can be found rappole and unexpected dangers.

There are plenty of rough roads with ramps to jump and entertain the players.

More will be faster and will climb the rankings of the best players, connecting facebook account, you can play with friends in breathtaking challenges, to become the fastest but it should be better to improve your bike, so handsome and make it more competitive.

sfsdf 300x187 Trials Frontier dfdvxc 300x187 Trials Frontier

Trials Frontier features

Trials Frontier is a game of moto cross racing, with a good physical condition, especially during falls or funny animations crash at the end of the race, the game also has the following features:

  • a vast world with over 50 hours of gameplay
  • 10 locations in which to give vent to their maximum madness
  • over 250 missions to complete with fantastic backflip
  • challenge your Facebook friends
  • you can cash loot crazy, so we can best strengthen their bikes
  • races with the “ghost” that allow the player to train in order to improve his times
  • 9 bikes in 3 levels, each with its own path improvements
  • more than 70 playable tracks

dsvxcv 300x187 Trials Frontier

Trial Frontiers offers over 50 hours of fun riding the bikes shiny and fast, which accompany the player in a variety of stunts crazy.

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