Trial Xtreme 3

Trial Xtreme 3 is one of the most downloaded games arcade racing, with 112 circuti obstacles original and different types of difficulties you can challenge your friends or random players in the online mode.

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Trial Xtreme 3: description

Trial Xtreme 3 is a game with state of the art high-resolution graphics to be compatible with the latest generation of smartphones and tablets, its gameplay is played in 2D even though its advanced graphics is 3D.

The game uses a very realistic physics, this makes it one of the best arcade racing games on Android.

screenshot9 300x168 Trial Xtreme 3

And ‘possible to balance the weight of the rider forward and backward, you can brake, accelerate and jump.

It has two types of controllers, one with touch screen buttons, while the other mode allows you to balance the weight using the accelerometer.

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In addition to the fantastic gameplay in the race to Trial Xtreme 3, which makes it a very fun game, you add more functionality in the menu, such as customization of the bike and biker.

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Trial Xtreme 3: features

The gameplay Trial Xtreme 3 expected to reach from start to finish, along the way there are different checkpoint from which mark the beginning when you fall, the faster you get to the finish line more stars you get.

Trial Xtreme 3 features:

  • new advanced physics engine that greatly enhances the game
  • 112 levels in 6 worlds and hundreds of new barriers
  • play alone mode or head-to-head against your Facebook friends but also with random players
  • different scoring table for each level
  • allows you to customize your own bike and the biker
  • chance to play with both the phone’s accelerometer or using the buttons
  • hd graphics for both phones to tablet

dsfsdfsd 300x187 Trial Xtreme 3

The stars obtained serve to unlock new paths and new customizations for the character and for the bike.

In games online records will be saved and you can challenge the ghosts of opponents from all over the world, or friends or random opponents.

screenshot4 300x168 Trial Xtreme 3

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  1. alpesh December 4, 2014 / 4:46 pm

    Its an good app

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