The Room Two

The Room Two is a puzzle game that will keep you glued to the screen thanks to the presence of numerous puzzles and a graphics scream



The Room Two: Description

The Room Two is a puzzle game where physical puzzles and mysteries interactive converge in a fantastic 3D world by touch.

The game will take us to follow the cryptic letters of an equally enigmatic scientist known as the “AS” through multiple levels and fully interactive 3D.

Is immediately easy to play thanks to touch controls and amazing environments recreated by the producers.

In addition to sporting exceptional graphics The Room Two has an audio industry well managed so as to involve even more imaginative player in mysteries and puzzles that are going to face throughout the course of the game.


The Room Two: features

The Room Two presents several interesting features, starting as mentioned earlier by the graphics and an excellent soundtrack that will project the video player within the game.

In detail some of its key features:

  • immediate gameplay, easy to pick up but difficult to give thanks to incredible puzzles made to perfection
  • innovative touch controls that allow you to better enjoy the gaming experience, making every action virtually real
  • stunning 3D environments that will test your acumen
  • detailed 3D objects to be studied to find the mysteries that lie through them
  • relentless soundtrack and dynamic sound effects to create a perfect background interactive
  • Multi-language support


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    The Room Two will keep you glued to the screen throughout the game experience, thanks to its many innovations, the incredible 3D graphics and a soundtrack created specifically to create a charming and fascinating experience. Unravel the mysteries that lie behind most arcane objects, elements of the game and discover the identity of the mysterious scientist “AS”

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