Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s Fortune immerses the player in a wonderful world in which you will have to hunt down a cunning and mysterious thief who has stolen all your money.



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Leo’s Fortune: description

Leo’s Fortune is a game platform that thrusts gamers into a graphic adventure of sublime quality.

In this game you play as the role of Leopoldo l ‘Aureo, the great inventor of engineering, robbed by a mysterious thief who, for some strange reason had sown the gold of the victim throughout the forest as if they were bread crumbs.

So Leo part to his research, convinced him to recover his beloved treasure. His long journey will be full of many ingenious traps with as many puzzles that the player will have to solve to help in this tortuous undertaking the victim Leopoldo.

Once completed the normal mode, you unlock an additional hard mode, increasing the level of challenge and consequently to longevity.


Leo’s Fortune: features

Leo’s Fortune is an Adventure Platform where you give chase to a smart and mysterious thief who robbed your treasure keeping you attached to the screen thanks to:

  • A beautiful graphics scrolling levels completely hand, sporting a graphics comparable to console next generation.
  • Explore an amazing setting surrounded by lush forests, arid deserts, cities pirate and snowy mountains.
  • Survive the endless ingenious traps and solve the great puzzle that are based on physical principles
  • 24 breathtaking levels
  • Follow the traces of gold to find out who the owners Leo his treasurefasfasfcxv vcxvx


Leo’s fortunes is a game really well executed, that will keep you glued to the phone thanks to the many enigmas and the likeable and unfortunate character. It has been designed completely by hand and makes the graphics a strong point of this platform game.


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