Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an Arcade game whose main aim is to cross the street to a cute chicken.

Crossy Road


Crossy Road: Description

Crossy Road is a funny Arcade Game in which we should help a little chick to cross the street, along the crossing, however, there will arise many obstacles as machines that run the track at high speed, the tuttofarcito by a graphic style Reto.

Crossy Road has won numerous awards including Best Touch Arcade, Venture Best for mobile devices and best GSMArena 2014.

In the whimsical wonderland you will be tested by companies such as dodging traffic, cross roads, rails and rivers all obviously jumps to the sound of your trusty chick.


Crossy Road: Description

Crossy Road is played by over 20 million players, which will be appreciated due to its extravagant features:

  • Reto a graphic that includes the collection of 50 characters inspired by pop art
  • crosses rivers, roads and railway lines, hopping continuously
  • dodge traffic at high speed you will fionderà him along the crossing of the road
  • the game in its purest form, simple, intuitive and innovative
  • Hit viral considered the number 1 in the Play Store
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    Crossy Road hypnotize you with its simplicity immediacy of the controls, full touch, ensuring hours of fun and many challenges to points. You will immediately easy to understand the mechanism of the game, with bouncing your chick along roads, rails and rivers, all combined with a graphical commendable, a bizarre landscape, where we will see arriving aliens, cows on the road and a unicorn eating sweets.

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