AccuWeather is an app that allows you to view real-time weather changes, so you can plan your day without any unpleasant surprises weather.


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AccuWeather: description

AccuWeather Forecast for Android is an app that provides real-time forecasts accurate and reliable through the various menus you can see forecasts for each hour of the day or in advance to show the weather from day to day.
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AccuWeather also has the ability to customize the color scheme and share weather information via social media, as well as having the ability to translate text in multiple languages.

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AccuWeather provides accurate predictions for over 2.7 million locations worldwide in a reliable, fast and intuitive, giving the user a simple and efficient search weather so always keep tabs on the changing climate and organize your day.

AccuWeather: characteristics

AccuWeather allows you to program the most of your days with no unpleasant surprise weather and has the following features:

  • accurate weather forecasts and related to more than 2.5 million locations worldwide
  • send notifications upon request to be notified in poor weather conditions or danger
  • World weather alert on snow, rain, wind or storms
  • Exclusive forecast based on your lifestyle, so as to better organize their outdoor activities
  • The current weather conditions are updated in real time, with indicators percentage humidity, visibility index, UV index, wind speed gusts and direction, times for sunrise and sunset
  • information RealFeel ® system exclusive AccuWeather forecast, he analyzes a number of weather conditions to determine the level of actual perception of the local temperature
  • current news and videos on the weather
  • share predictions on social media
  • choose between decimal units or the imperial system, as well as between the division of the day into 12 or 24 hours
  • the status bar with the current temperature of your primary location

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AccuWeather Forecast offers a completely updated over the major news of the day in a practical and personalized.

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