Retrica is a famous App that allows you to modify to your liking the photos taken with your smartphone through various editing options and numerous filters




Retrica: description

Retrica is one of the most famous and popular applications for customization of their photographs, able to transform their photographic experience into something memorable.

The App has over 100 photographic filters to improve your selfies or normal photographs in a simple and immediate, and the filters can be applied before you take the picture, so click it in the most suitable to the selected filter.

There is also a special section “frames” that allows you to customize precisely the image frame immortalized making it enjoyable and personalized. There is also a multi-shot sequence, making the photographic experience similar to that of a photo booth in a fun and fast.


Retrica: features

The main feature of retrica is the capture and customize their photos through different combinations of filters and frames making your photos with effects really unique and interesting by offering a diverse selection of editing:

  • all your best moments can be clicked and customized from over 100 different filters
  • filters in real time, viewing the filter during the time of photography
  • function cartoons, which allows customization of the contours of the images captured with the touch of a button
  • collage feature that lets you set the time interval with which they will be shooting consecutively
  • watermark, change the logo retrica present in the photo to show your friends using Retrica when capturing images
  • timer to select the intervals with which they will be shooting
  • blur that allows you to include or exclude subjects captured.

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Retrica is popular applications in the world of photography smart, with great ease allowing customization through multiple filters and effects, making unique and unforgettable moments immortalized

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