Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary Photo Editor is a must have for fans of photography, has several features to quickly enhance and edit your photos.

unnamed Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary Photo Editor description:

Aviary Photo Editor is an application that provides a comprehensive and targeted modification of the photo or image you selected.

Being in possession of numerous choices of image retouching Aviary Photo Editor is among the most downloaded app.

img2 187x300 Aviary Photo Editor img1 187x300 Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary Photo Editor has many interfaces change, such as the effect of making kelp, various of best quality and brightness, as well as an option for automatic color correction. It also has several options for red eye reduction, very useful in the case of this annoying phenomenon.

img3 187x300 Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary Photo Editor: Features

Aviary Photo Editor can access any image viewer application, such as gallery or an attachment Gmai.

It has the ability to:

  • select and edit photos
  • share on social networks or other platforms messenger
  • crop images or frames apply
  • Red Eye
  • option wheel image
  • defects correction and image blur
  • Automatic color balance
  • freehand drawing (20 colors and 9 brushes)
  • text options (choice of plain text or text with colored border, up to 20 colors selectable)
  • night effect and back light

Aviary Photo Editor is a complete app for editing or correction of images, it is often updated and full of effects.

Screenshot 2014 06 25 03 07 12 168x300 Aviary Photo Editorimggg 187x300 Aviary Photo Editor


Aviary Photo Editor also has an alternative gallery that allows a pleasant viewing of pictures and a vertical option for access to the camera or gallery by default so fast.

Screenshot 2014 06 25 03 01 46 168x300 Aviary Photo Editor


Aviary Photo Editor is intuitive and fluid, guaranteeing immediately easy to use, having on the top bar to the right, a handy icon options, which allows you to select which albums to show in the gallery, reorder the Tool Editor and select the maximum size of the rescue photo.

Screenshot 2014 06 25 03 43 27 168x300 Aviary Photo Editor

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  1. Namita July 16, 2014 / 8:15 am

    I like it..

  2. Namita July 16, 2014 / 8:16 am

    Awesome app

  3. thalapathi October 25, 2014 / 11:47 am


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