Spotify Music

Spotify Music is a music streaming platform for Android that lets you listen to music more suitable for any occasion.  unnamed

Spotify Music: description

Spotify Music is an indispensable app for music lovers. Spotify Music has indeed a huge music library that includes millions of songs in any accessible with any wi-fi or 3G.  IMGG Spotify Music you have the ability to create your own play list or search for your desired song in real time at any time, also has a premium feature that allows you to save the songs on your device so you can listen to it even while offline.

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Spotify Music: features

Spotify Music offers the user the ability to interact with a wide selection of musical tracks and includes the following functions:

  • listen to music for free on the phone (listen to an artist, an album or play list on shuffle mode)
  • listen to music for free on the tablet (listen to any song at any time)

    Spotify Music Premium Features

  • always listen to any song on any device (tablet, smartphone or PC)
  • download music and listen to it in off line mode
  • no advertising, uninterrupted musicSpotify Premium is a really wide application, with so many different kinds of use, such as playing the radio, which are recommended based on their musical tastes, of course, has a shuffle option, and an option to “discover” for those who love to discover new artists relating to their tastes.

     Screenshot_2014-06-25-04-10-20  Screenshot_2014-06-25-04-10-03

    Spotify Music is easy and intuitive to use, menu options easily accessible with a slide from left to right, showing the various search options, browse, discover, radio, my music and settings, presenting various changes during music playback and interaction with Facebook.

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