Viber is a famous application via your phone number allows you to send and receive messages, calls and video calls.




Viber: description

Viber is a point of contact with the world, totally free with over 460 million registered users.

Viber can be used to send and receive in a totally free video calls and instant messages and phone calls from anywhere in the world it is used.

To perform these operations must be covered by a 3G-4G or under Wi-Fi signal.

It also allows you to call numbers not Viber at reduced rates, is also compatible with smartphones and tablets and can be used on both platforms simultaneously.

The app uses your phone number as an ID, automatically synchronizing it with the phone book by detecting independently contacts who use Viber.


Viber: features

Viber as mentioned earlier is a totally free IM app that allows several methods of communication:

  • allows you to communicate with friends via text messages
  • make phone calls and video calls with quality sound and high-definition video
  • share photos, videos and voice messages
  • geolocation service
  • adhesives and emoticons
  • create group messages with up to 100 participants
  • Follow the public chats, so you stay up to date on their favorite brands and celebrities
  • ability to reorder the stickers
  • present push notifications so you never miss a call or message even when Viber is off
  • Native integration with the list of contacts for calls and messages
  • Support for your application via Viber Desktop on Windows and Mac
  • Multilingual availabilityfsdvxcv           vxcv xcViber is a free service that provides instant messaging service and calls or video calls in high-definition, ensuring all ‘user with easy and immediate method of communication with loved ones. It can be downloaded for free from the Play Store

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