Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging application synchronized with the famous social network.


Facebook Messenger: Description

Facebook Messenger is a messenger that integrates seamlessly with the Facebook mobile app. Focused mainly on instant messaging improves the user experience in chat and share your files photos or videos in a simple and veloce. Possiede also an interesting call option really very efficient and with excellent sound quality.

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Facebook Messenger is graphically pleasing and integrates perfectly with the official Facebook app, enriching it with interfaces like the preview of the chat floating around the screen that appears whenever you receive an a message from social dall’utilizzatissimo even if at the time of receipt you are using another application.

Facebook Messenger: features

Facebook Messenger is a great plugin for lovers of the social network most populous in the world and comes with the following features:

  • access their messages without opening Facebook
  • chat with groups and organize any event on time
  • animate messages with a varied choice of adhesives
  • send photos privately
  • keep open a conversation with a preview of the chat you can chat while using other applications
  • send messages to your contacts by telephone even if you are not present on Facebook
  • share your location in order to let people know when you’re nearby
  • make calls for free even if the called party is located in another country
  • record voice messages
  • find out when people have seen your posts
  • know who is available on Messenger and those who are active on Facebookyou can disable notifications to your liking


  • Facebook Messenger also holds a function “instant delivery” of the video, which allows you to record and play back video messages of 15 seconds from the camera directly to the application.
  • Facebook Messenger also has a nice the cona “Like” the greatest: tienendo pressed to send a thumb pointing upward is in fact still an inch bigger, so be shown when you really like something.

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  1. Dave January 11, 2016 / 8:18 pm

    Fine app. Thanks a lot.

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