Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher est une alternative de lancement qui permet une personnalisation complète de l’écran d’accueil de votre appareil.

unnamed4 Nova Launcher


Description Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher offre une expérience totale de la personnalisation et de la gestion de l’écran d’accueil, en utilisant les différentes options de montage, l’amélioration de la douceur et de fluidité, même dans leur propre maison.

Nova Launcher améliore l’expérience des utilisateurs de manière simple et intuitive, il vous suffit de faire défiler les réglages de menu Nova Launcher pour accéder à un certain nombre d’options d’édition.


img 1 187x300 Nova Launcher img 2 168x300 Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher a la capacité d’augmenter le nombre de pages disNova Launcher is a launcher alternative that allows complete customization of the home screen of your device.

unnamed4 Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher description:

Nova Launcher provides a total experience of customization and management of the home screen, using various editing options, improving smoothness and fluidity even in their own home.

Nova Launcher improves the user experience in a simple and intuitive, you can just scroll through the menu settings Nova Launcher to access a number of editing options.


img 1 187x300 Nova Launcher img 2 168x300 Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher has the ability to increase the number of pages available on the icons or Dock, as well as a wide choice of folder view, even being able to change the background color, the preview which show the view icons within folders and the color of the labels.

img 3 168x300 Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher: characteristics

Nova Launcher is in possession of a number of functions such as:

  • change the home screen
  • change background
  • modification to the app and widget Drawer Drawer
  • modification Dock
  • edit folders
  • General editing visual effects (theme icons, font size, scroll speed and animation)
  • counter unread notifications
  • Use keyword research with Ok, Google
  • modification gesture and buttons for quick access to an app or widget

Nova Launcher looks like one of the most comprehensive app for customizing your smartphone, giving the user to indulge themselves at will with the change of the various elements that make up the home

Nova Launcher has a simple menu and easy to learn, you can just select Nova Launcher to access the many editing options including an interesting change of appearance, which includes the selection of the icon theme, font, icon size and the animation speed of the app is very useful in case of frequent delays caused by too frequent animations system

Screenshot 2014 06 25 14 49 12 168x300 Nova Launcher Screenshot 2014 06 25 14 27 25 168x300 Nova Launcher

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