SwiftKey is a keyboard alternative to your device, replacing it and making it more fluid, fast and intuitive.

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SwiftKey description:

SwiftKey is a smart app with corrections, which allows instant correction of multiple terms, making a smooth writing even those who commit many mistakes while writing, is a highly acclaimed app, which makes typing more smooth and enjoyable.

SwiftKey is equipped with a convenient function for the prediction of custom words, learning also the way of writing the user in such a way as to facilitate the automatic completion of the sentence.

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SwiftKey has an excellent interface to customize the color of the keyboard and preferences on the method of writing.

Screenshot 2014 06 25 05 09 14 168x300 SwiftKey Screenshot 2014 06 25 05 09 02 168x300 SwiftKey

SwiftKey: characteristics

SwiftKey allows numerous combinations of keyboard customization:

  • custom forecasts
  • intelligent self-corrections
  • split, resize and unhook the keyboard
  • Multilingual typing (no more than 60 languages)
  • ability to write at the same time up to 3 different languages
  • Writing to a finger (SwiftKey Flow)
  • Emoji support, over 800 selectable settings
  • dedicated numeric keypad (optional)

SwiftKey is a keyboard efficient and very comfortable and intuitive, highly customizable graphic level, both at the level of settings.

afsddas 300x209 SwiftKey

SwiftKey has brought options easily accessible from the keyboard, you can just press the button with the logo in the bottom left corner of the app to view a quick customization menu which provides the settings section, a section devoted to the issues, a downsizing keyboard, the various display settings keyboards (compact or full inch) and a option to release the keyboard so you can position it to your liking. Note the presence of a SwiftKey Cloud that allows you to customize and make backups of the provisions of the words or phrases you use most.

Screenshot 2014 06 25 05 28 33 168x300 SwiftKey Screenshot 2014 06 25 05 09 25 168x300 SwiftKey

Also available SwiftKey Keyboard SwiftKey typing Flow, which consists of writing with a finger, drawing a line that goes to tap the letters you want in order to build the desired word.

Screenshot 2014 06 25 05 23 33 168x300 SwiftKey

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